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Aiko Tanaka

Aiko Tanaka is a seasoned solar power blogger with an unwavering passion for renewable energy. Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Aiko developed an interest in sustainable living at a young age. This led her to pursue a degree in Environmental Science from the University of Tokyo.

Upon graduation, Aiko worked as a Renewable Energy Analyst in one of Japan’s leading energy firms. However, her desire to share her knowledge and advocate for solar power led her to leave her corporate job and start her own blog – “Sunlit Aiko”.

Since its inception, “Sunlit Aiko” has grown into a trusted platform for solar power enthusiasts globally. Aiko’s engaging writing style combined with her in-depth knowledge of the solar industry makes her blog a go-to resource for anyone interested in harnessing the power of the sun.

Aiko’s work goes beyond blogging. She regularly collaborates with renewable energy companies, offering her insights to help develop more efficient solar technologies. She also speaks at international conferences, advocating for the widespread adoption of solar power.

In her free time, Aiko enjoys hiking and exploring the great outdoors. She believes that appreciating nature is key to understanding the importance of renewable energy. Aiko Tanaka is not just a blogger; she is a solar power enthusiast dedicated to making the world a greener place.


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